Taking a picture of your plant or of the location where you are planning to build one is often a tedious and expensive task.

Traditional satellite imagery is often of poor quality, can be hard to retrieve and complicated to pre-process, whereas aerial pictures require some prior planning and suffer from organizational and weather-related delays.

At Greenvest, we offer fast services to retrieve the highest resolution images of your place of interest. Choose to take single images of your plant or choose to take a series of images to monitor the advancement in the construction of the plant.

Plant Snapshot

your plant, from the stars

Do you need a high-resolution image of your plant or of of the area where you plan to build your new one?

At Greenvest we offer stunning images of your site with up to 0.5 meters resolution. Choose different dates of acquisition to see how your plant impacted the landscape surrounding it.

Prices starting from 300 euros.

PV Plant in Construction
PV Plant in Construction

Completed PV Plant
Completed PV Plant

PV Plant in Construction
PV Plant in Construction


With a press of a button, you can select the image you want and we will come back to you with a price quote, your processed images will be delivered to you within 24 hours.


Construction Monitoring

from your office, from Space

Do you have a solar plant in construction or do you plan to build one? If you have problems monitoring the advancement of works on your site or if you want to have a top view on the progression, Greenvest Construction Monitoring is the right service for you.

You can schedule a series of images of your plant that will be taken at different times while your plant is in construction, then we will process and deliver them to you. It's your choice if you want us to detect and highlight the changes that occurred within a certain time frame.


Up to 0.5 m resolution, prices starting from 2800 euros.

Click the button below, you will be asked to choose between different options to monitor the construction of your plant. We will come back to you with a price quote and start scheduling the image acquisition.